Turkey Hunting Calls For Sale

Calls for Sale:

I sell calls at trade shows and from this site. To order a call, simply fill out the contact form and tell me what you want. It may help to look at my gallery. If you find one you like, reference the slide number in the contact form. You can also use this to customize your selection such as “I like number 1437 but I want black thread wrap.”

I will reply to your contact as soon as possible and give you a price and estimated delivery time. If I do not have the call you like on hand, I will custom build it! My calls for sale are made from the bones of free range heritage turkeys, not the oversized domestic birds raised at most turkey farms! Current Oklahoma law prohibits me from selling wild turkey bones.

  • Feather Wrapped Calls are $100
  • Spur Calls are $150 (custom made from your bird only)
  • Thread wrapped calls are $60
  • Plain Jane calls are $40

Calls from your trophy bird:

I can turn your Wild Turkey wings into a lasting memory of your hunt, as well as a functional tool for future hunts! Send both wings and a few feathers, and I will convert them into a set of custom made wing bone turkey calls! One call will be custom feather wrap with your choice of feather and joint thread; and the second call will be a field grade or “plain jane” call.

The price for two calls as stated above and the display box with wood burning is $180. If you’d like a spur call as your display, the base price is $230. These deals also include free shipping! Click on the “Shipping Instructions” button on the right side of this page for packaging and address details.

For a MyWingbone call set, or to purchase a custom call without providing bones, email Ron today!

Other products:

Beard Bonz: I use a cutoff portion of the turkey humerus bone to create a unique mounting to display turkey beards. Beard Bonz are $5 each and can be ordered using the contact form. Colors are black, brown, white, and pearl. Special colors on request. Beard bones are equipped with swivels unless leather is specified.

Turkey Hunting Accessories

Cedar display boxes: I have hand made cedar boxes for display of your wild turkey call. The boxes include custom wood burning on the lid such as Name and Date, a short message, turkey tracks or even a turkey! Cedar boxes are $40.

Turkey Hunting Call Display Box