No matter where you are, you are most likely a short driving distance from a local NWTF Fundraising Banquet. The National Wild Turkey Federation is not just about turkeys. It is about promoting and preserving our hunting heritage, insuring a healthy future for wildlife populations, and recruiting the next generation of hunters. I have often heard it said in church that we are one generation away from closing the doors. Without a doubt, this applies to our hunting priviledge. And make no mistake,it is a priviledge! Get off the couch and go! Have a good time, make some great buys on hunting gear and wildlife art. You might even get a chance to bid on a MyWingbone call, and it’s all tax deductable! Your support matters. Go tothe NWTF home page at www.nwtf.org and enter your home town in the “Find a banquet near you” box. Hey they even know where Martin, Oklahoma is!

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