In Loving Memory of Ronald W. Jordan

DBA MyWingboneTurkeyCalls

January 1956 – April 2022

Until we hunt again!

Ron Jordan was an exemplary man and a very talented artist. He loved the Lord his God with all his heart, and he delighted in sharing the beauty of God’s creation with everyone around him. His wingbone turkey calls were one of the many ways he shared that beauty with others. His love of God and His creation, and his love for people made Ron a people magnet. Everybody loved Ron. His quiet gentle spirit, his wit, his wisdom, and his seasoned speech were characteristics that caused people to seek Ron’s company. His giving spirit was very evident in his life and in is his business. One of his greatest joys was making the “First Turkey” calls free of charge.


Ron championed many worthy causes with his wingbone turkey call business. He regularly donated calls to NWTF chapters in several states and to auctions for medical expenses. He donated time, and a percentage of his annual sales, to Oklahoma Outdoor Outreach an organization dedicated to giving physically challenged people hunts and fishing trips of their lifetime so that they, too, can enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. For this reason, a Ron Jordan Memorial Fund has been established with Oklahoma Outdoor Outreach. A link is provided should you decide you want to honor Ron’s memory in this manner. You will also find a place where you can leave a memory, a picture, a video; things you’d like the world to know to honor Ron’s memory.


We feel that Ron left us way too soon, but God’s ways are perfect, and Ron fulfilled his number of days (Job 14:5). Pray for those of us left behind, and always know that Ron loved crafting calls for you, teaching you how to use them, and visiting with you.


 I’ll miss you at the shows!!    Barbara Jordan


We kindly ask that any donations in Ron’s memory be made to Oklahoma Outdoor Outreach. A foundation Ron believed in. 

“The foundation was formed to
provide disabled, and
chronically and terminally
ill individuals the
opportunity to enjoy the heritage
of outdoor sporting activities”


My Wingbone

This is Barbara. I am unable to get the website memorial page working correctly. Please forgive me as I cannot approve your comments.
If you will send your memories to, I’ll try my best to get them published.
I pray God’s blessings on you.


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