Call Display Boxes

I am saddened to tell you that my good friend and box maker, Richard Colter passed from this life a few weeks ago shortly after his 89th birthday. I have used all the boxes I had on hand and will be looking for a new source. Until then, cedar display boxes will not be available.

RIP Richard Colter!

My cedar display boxes are hand made in Gore Oklahoma by a craftsman named Richard Colter. I personally do the pyrography and box finishing. I can add names, dates, messages or business logos on the box lids. I’ve even done one marriage proposal inside the lid of a box! (She said yes) A call in one of these boxes is a great gift for any turkey hunter to celebrate any occasion.

Begin your order from MyWingbone turkey calls via the contact formClick on the examples below for a closer look. If you want one similar to any of these, mention the 4 digit product code from those pictures on your contact form. For more information about the custom handmade gifts for turkey hunters, contact Ron today.