Lost striker?

Gobble-gobble-gobble! Holy smoke, he’s close. You sit down, get situated, pull your slate call out, reach for your striker…and find an empty pocket. Trying to be calm, you search other pockets….reach back to the original place it should be…nothing.  Gobble-gobble. He’s moving away. Now it’s time to panic…unless you have a wing bone on a lanyard hanging around your neck. Now maybe you have it because it looks cool, it was a gift, or as a good luck charm but you’re just not that good with it yet. That’s ok! Use it as a striker! Yes, wing bone calls make excellent pot call strikers!

Grand Slam?

My good friend George picked up his second Grand Slam trophy yesterday. Is this the year for your Grand Slam? One of these trophy boards would be a great way to commemorate the accomplishment. Call me and we can discuss a design for yours!             Continue Reading

Unclaimed Custom Call

I am amazed at the number of inquiries I have received regarding the unclaimed custom call I posted about last December. That call is long gone but I can very nearly create a duplicate of the call. In fact, I have done so several times since Christmas. I can make a call that is very similar… Continue Reading

Custom Calls

Turkey season is either underway or just around the corner. Don’t forget to save the wings from that gobbler to have some custom wing bone calls made! I would love to get to make a set of calls from your young hunter’s first turkey! Continue Reading


No matter where you are, you are most likely a short driving distance from a local NWTF Fundraising Banquet. The National Wild Turkey Federation is not just about turkeys. It is about promoting and preserving our hunting heritage, insuring a healthy future for wildlife populations, and recruiting the next generation of hunters. I have often… Continue Reading

No More Custom Calls for Christmas

The time has passed for ordering custom calls for Christmas. Calls I am working on now will be ready, but I can’t squeeze in any more. I still have time to customize presentation boxes for calls I have on hand. Most of the calls shown in the “Christmas Calls” post are still available. Continue Reading

Christmas Calls

I have 26 feather wrapped calls ready now for sale. From now until Christmas I am offering free shipping on all orders. I still have time to make a very limited number of custom calls using your bones or mine, but orders must be placed soon! The calls now on hand are pictured below . Continue Reading