Wing Bone Turkey Calls


It is with great sorrow that I, Barbara Jordan, wife to Ron Jordan – The MyWingbone Turkey Calls creator must suspend sales on this website. Ron had an accident on April 3 and stepped into Heaven on April 4, 2022. Ron was such an extraordinary man. He was so talented in his turkey call craft and shared the beauty of God’s creation in such a breathtakingly beautiful way. More than that, Ron shared the spirit of love that Jesus Christ his Lord put in his heart with everyone he met through his seasoned words and his deeds. His goodness, his passion for life, and his love will be missed by all who knew him. The only things Ron loved more than turkey hunting and making turkey calls were his Lord Jesus Christ, his family, and his friends. Ron knew that the word love was a verb, and he showed us all the love of Jesus Christ on a daily basis. To say that he will be missed is a great understatement. 


MyWingbone is a one man operation, making and selling quality custom wing bone turkey calls. I am Ron Jordan and I was bitten by the turkey hunting bug about 35 years ago. Life has never been the same and I remain infected to this day. I have decided even if there is a cure, it will never be found because nobody that has the disease is looking for it. It is that malady that led me to make wing bone calls.

I was given my first wing bone by a friend and it stayed in my vest pocket most all the time. After all, nobody on any of those hunting shows was using a wing bone. Then one day a friend and I walked back toward the truck after spending a frustrating morning chasing gobbling turkeys as they worked farther and farther away. As we walked, I pulled out every call from my vest in an effort to get a response…nothing. Then I pulled out the wing bone and gave a couple of yelps. A bird double gobbled less than 200 yards up the hill. In a matter of minutes a gobbler was flopping in front of me. That day I found the value of a wing bone call.

After I retired, making wing bone calls became even more interesting because I had more time to devote to it. I have developed a method by which to literally wrap my calls with turkey feathers capturing the iridescent beauty of a strutting tom. My calls are not only a deadly turkey hunting tool, but are a piece of wildlife art suitable for display in your home or office.

Take a look around. Browse my services and let me create a lasting memory of your next turkey hunt. Again, thanks for stopping by!